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THE HISTORY OF PANCHITA (disappearance of a small dog with intervention of false policias) also has web page you clic aqui to see it

MY DOG EATEN THE ANAL SOUND (testimony of a man that thanks to its dog save of a secret base alien that there is under the Enol lake in Tips of Europe)

THE LADIES IN BLACK (Very interesting, they are as the black me but seem like old ladies, feed littels animals to take the control of them and transform in more agresives)




Panchita is our dog, it seems a nubecita of cotton with spots and all the love to our small dog and always it played and he was alegria of all the house much.

One night we listened to rare noises and very strong lights by the window also ear voices that are not entendian, like foreign but very rare, they did not sound to anything similar to people but veia who were noises of beings and not of animals. Panchita was put to bark very hard and to gruņir and the voices they were scared and they shouted because Panchita bit to some and soon ear to shout themselves to him sore. We all want to help Panchita and to see what happened and to leave outside but be like paralyzed by a strange force that towards an acute noise like a squeak.

We ear much short while the noises and races rare voices and the barks and gruņidos of Panchita that surely bit to but of one because in the morning the garden was stained of a species of spots like greenish blood but and that smell rare, like a rust. Soon in the morning our dear small dog was not, when we could move because the squeak noise went away, we left outside and Panchita was not and was all the blood that green one by the garden. We called to the police and immediately they were here, almost when calling to them, and they behaved very rare, they said that they were going to gather tests and they were put to a thing eliminates that olia as to pine on the spots.

We said that instead of gathering tests they were going them to erase but they said that us in its work and soon they did not go away and no longer they were left spots, and days few as they do not know anything we went to the comisaria of police so that they said to us if they know something but he said that they do not know anything and that they do not any denunciation of us nor of our Panchita small dog. And since then we know that the police were aliens that came to house that surely that also took to Panchita that for that reason not this and no longer is joy of us who we remembered all the days and we continued putting water in its plate so that when it returns it drinks.




I left to take a walk with my Luki dog by the neighborhoods of N... and had been made me at night. It went thinking about my subjects and it had moved away to me of house more of the normal thing.

Then I saw lights in the way, like a about 300 meters, seemed a control of alcoholemia of the Civil Guard and think "shit ", because it had taken average dozen from earthenware pitchers (thus we called in Asturias to the small bottles of beer) before leaving house, but soon me king of my same one, and my bad conscience, because it was walking. Then think rare in the account of which a control of the Civil Guard in a so small way and little journeyed was quite rare.

According to it approached me to the lights, Luki began to put themselves nervous and to gruņir, then it began a very acute and annoying noise, at the same time that a strong light dazzled to me. I was blinded and paralyzed, but I could ear to Luki to bark during awhile.

When I recovered the eyes and the movement I verified that we were in a white room, square, of about 6 meters of side, although I cannot say to that height was the ceiling because it seemed light fact, with extended shades that moved slowly. Luki seemed paralyzed and it did not respond to my calls, also I gave voices calling and requesting aid during awhile, but nobody answered.

Then return the noise, and I could feel as my body were put rigid and, although I tried to resist, moved like a marionette. Of that form I put myself still on and I turned myself (they turned to me) towards one of the walls. Although before I did not saw signals of any door now the wall open themselves or rather to dissolve, and through the opening three extended figures that moved slowly, floating, one of the figures entered almost took to a fine and shining metallic instrument, as a cleared bar, and with a flexible and semitransparent tube that seemed to hang of the invisible ceiling of the room. I began to be afraid the worse thing because she had seen the chapter of South Park in whom Cartman is abduced by foreign, and I thought " cabronez hijozdeputa ".

But then Luki was rushed on which it took the sound and of a bite and a few fingers to him, the alien began to shout spilling abundant greenish blood, and the three left running leaving the door opened with Luki run after they. Luckily I also could begin to move to me, although clumsily, and left outside the room. That place seemed a labyrinth of walls and white corridors, and soon completely I was disoriented, luckily Luki appeared in the short while with the anal sound in the mouth as if outside a wood, several aliens persecuted to him and we began to run. My dog ahead, seemed to somehow know the way, I behind, and after our steps the aliens shouting. Whatever we did not run ourselves, because although it seemed an eternity had to me of being few minutes, but suddenly it fixes to me that the corridors had finished, and that the quite humid walls were of rock and, and the ground was wet. Then we fell both to the water, was a very rare sensation then although it had the impression to be sinking to me, at the same time it felt to me to fly, as if it fell upwards.

They were seconds of nightmare, but immediately we left to the surface. I could see astonished that it was by day and that was in the Enol lake, luckily the border was not far and Luki and I was able to leave without problems. There it gathered a countryman to us who happened with the van and that approached us to C....

I thought to approach me the Police to denounce the happened thing, but in the way I happened through the Polesu bar, and as it were Sunday had pinchitos of codfish, and thorn goes, earthenware pitcher comes, spent the morning to us.

As far as the anal sound, my Luki dog had to bury it by some site and I do not think to return to the lake to look for it.



Been I have always interested in the ufos, the extraterrestrial ones, and the terrible problem of the abductions, but as alive in a great city it felt to me safe. All those "histories" only happen in the field or isolated houses, in solitary places in which as soon as they are left witnesses of the event except the person who undergoes it. But what it happened to me months ago and now story in this page has removed to me from my error, nor so at least in the great cities and surrounded by people this safe from the threat of these beings.

Every day I am going to walk with my dog Moon, one golden precious, to a park near my house and days ago it observed the presence of ancianitas strangers. They always went of two in two taking a walk without stopping by the park, giving returned and returned from a so regular form and needs that you could put the clock in hour when seeing to happen them. More than viejecitas taking a walk soldiers seemed patrolling or making the change of guard. Also he fixes to me to which always they stopped such in sites and they placed food for the birds, but of a very strange form. More than to throw the food to the ground they seemed to dose it. Until there all normal, maniatics old ladies more, of many to which the solitude takes to them to make things rare, but its behavior was so peculiar that I began to observe them by enjoy.

Little by little they began to happen strange things. Every time there were less birds in the park and, however, the squirrels seemed to occupy the space that the birds left, in addition, the always timid squirrels were more and more bold and they were grouped in small bands that moved away to the birds that were of the food. A neighbor commented to me that even they crossed the street to go to request, and to rob sometimes, eaten to the stores next to the park. The truth very was not arranged to believe this last one to me, but i myself I could observe as the owner of the slaughter ran indignant after a squirrel that scape with a great piece of meat in the mouth.

This behavior did not seem me nothing natural, because the butcher was a person of calm and flematic nature, and by its size and obesity little given to the physical exercise. Passed the first surprise caused by the athletic behavior of the butcher, I remembered that the squirrels are vegetarian, why a squirrel would rob meat?, the squirrels were becoming carnivorous from the park?, what could cause a change of nourishing habits so radical?.

Then I remembered the strangers old ladies, everything seemed to have begun with its regular strolls and the food that left in the park, and although my suspicions seemed me a little absurd I decided that it would gather samples of the food that threw to the squirrels. On the following day when I took to Moon to take a walk I also took a plastic boat to gather a little of food of which distributed the old ones, because it thought to make analyze it.

Soon I saw happen like always, meetings, in silence, with its maniatic hour, and leave its "dose" of food in the same place of every day. When they moved away I approached with dissimulation to gather a small sample, but the squirrels arrived before I. I thought that the squirrels would move away when approaching to me, but they were limited to watch to me of a way that scared to me. In order to begin they were the squirrels greater than I have seen in my life, they almost had the size of a cat, and between all, in a while they had been joined more than ten, they seemed to value if I were also eatable. In serious, there was something in his glance that a predator remembered, not to timid and cute squirrels. Luckily my dog Moon barking among them and although one dared to planting it expensive, also fled when it saw that their companions squirrels left it. I gathered in the boat a little of the food trying not to touch it with the hands, because really strange me. They were small balls of several green, brown, yellow colors. At first sight it seemed I think for animals, like which I gave my dog, but Moon, my intelligent small dog, did not have nor it did not have any intention to eat of the food of the old ones, on the contrary, gruņía and wrinkled the nose showing its displeasure before that thing.

Then I paid attention again to the squirrels. They had not gone very far and after shrubs they observed to us. That what I am going to count now is difficult to think, but the squirrels seemed to speak among them and to organize themselves. Two smaller they moved away running, and the others began to move slowly, maintaining the distances but with the evident intention to surround to us. I had the certainty that the two that they moved away they were those that supposed a greater danger, because she was sure that went in search of somebody, and that somebody was what more fear gave me.

My dog Moon and I began to run towards the exit of the park, the squirrels followed to us without no difficulty, some behind us, other means hidden between the shrubs of the edge of the way, some jumping of tree in tree with an amazing agility and rapidity. Then I saw to the two small squirrels in front of us with the two old ladies, because to them they had been going to look for, cutting the step to us, one of the ancianitas took in the hand a bar of shining blue color, that start to increase of brightness until becoming almost white. The light produced a horrible noise that I leave myself strengthless, paralyzed.

After the old ladies there was more people, boys with skids, one lady with baby in a cart, other people taking a walk with his dog, and all were paralyzed like I. The old ones began to speak without emitting sounds in an incomprehensible language for my, the squirrels approached more and more. Moon, my dog, barked and it twisted like trying to escape of the force that it had to us paralyzed, and had to obtain it because it jumped suddenly on the squirrel that it had close more and it killed it of a bite. More barks began then to oir themselves and the dogs that were in the park began to approach the old ones barking infuriated.

They put themselves nervous and began to watch towards all the sides. They raised the crossbar on his heads doing to sound it more more hard and, but to the dogs she did not do effect to them. Then they ordered the squirrels that attacked the dogs, in a while had formed a great commotion, squirrels and dogs fought by all the park and the old ones took advantage of the confusion to disappear. In spite of their size and to its evident badness the squirrels, without the control of the old ladies were not rival for the dogs that killed them to all in just a short time. The effects of the light and the noise disappeared in the little short while in the humans that was in the park, most surprising is than all continued making their things as if it had not passed anything, except by their astonishment when seeing the rest of the squirrels.

On the following day in newspapers and in the news of the television even they told that a pack of wild dogs had killed to hundreds of squirrels in the park, all they raised it as if the fault outside the dogs and of irresponsible masters, and used the news to justify the creation of the Registry of Dangerous Dogs. Although I sent several letters to newspapers and to television networks nobody wanted to listen to nor to publish my version of the events of the park.

As far as the food that I gathered somehow in the park not that it happened, while I was paralyzed cleared the boat to me with the samples. Just in case I have let give to Moon piensos for animals, now only I give fresh and natural foods him. We have not returned either to the park, although reason why I hear tell to the neighbors the birds have returned, and the few squirrels that were with life have let make things rare.

So far.